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Kim Marie Ostrowski

Kim Here and Crafting written work is my game

Hi This is Kim Marie, I've been a creative person from a young age. I always wanted one of those Crayola artist sets when I was little but never received one. You know what? Good (in a way) as  Even though I'm not able to draw well; I can draw a better picture by writing it down (though I still wish I could draw better than I do to make a decent sketch for illustrations for my works) I've been told I am 'hardcore' when it comes to my writing. By this the person meant because I don't type the story directly to a file, but write it out first in a notebook then type it to a computer file.  Not only do I type up my poems in the computer but I give them more personality with a visual touch, so the reader not only reads the writing but also sees it in the words. In what I call  'articles' I have written on the now defunct squidoo  (they called them lenses) but You can now find them on (search for Zodiacimmortal) I try to be as thorough as possible to get all the information in one spot on a subject. I just hate to have to look through multiple sites and pages for all my research, or whatever it is I may be looking for (especially when its specific). Its not laziness, it's just if you write about something I don't like when people do a half assed job of it. That plus I'd rather spend my time writing what i'm working on, than research for a whole day. -Kim Marie Ostrowski

Kim Marie Ostrowski's Background

Kim Marie Ostrowski's Experience

Lensmaster at

July 2011 - Present see for yourself.

Free Lance writer at

November 2008 - Present

writing lenses on writing poetry currently writing a story and taking notes for another

Kim Marie Ostrowski's Education

Ostrowski university

1995 – 2012

Teach myself what I want to know

Concentration: anything I want

Activities: writing, book club, movie club,

Charles E. Gorton H.S.

1991 – 1994


Concentration: Computer Applications

Kim Marie Ostrowski's Interests & Activities

Writing both poetry and stories (when the inspiration strikes) a variety of articles or reports. 'Painting', making braceletes doing some simple crochet & other forms of crafting when inspiration strikes. I also love watching movies and writing up reviews for them which you can find at Movie Mania & even participate in EW's Front Row Panel. #ZodiacImmortal

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